Your First Recording Studio

“Need” is an important determining factory of any studio. So is “Budget”. What this article will cover is the equipment necessary to meet the basic needs of a recording studio.

A private studio is now, practically, available to everyone with prices as they are. But don’t be afraid to visit the pawn shop if necessary. One day I needed a specific type of music stand which my local music stores didn’t have on hand, so I made a desperate stop at a pawn shop, and there it was. Mission accomplished.

These days, nearly everyone has their own home recording studio. There is a very important reason for this. Practice. It’s also necessary to be aware of the equipment because it’s everywhere. Today, so much of what musicians do is wrapped around a studio. Even a concert setting has all the same equipment on hand. This is because reviewing the performance is necessary.


So what is necessary for your personal studio? This is the absolute minimum of equipment necessary.

  • Recording device
  • DAW
  • Mic and mic stand
  • Headphone
  • Cables
  • Microphone Stands

An explanation may be necessary at this point. The actual bare minimum my simply be a smartphone or tablet. I used to record on a mini-cassette recorder sitting at a stop light or a parking lot. This helped me to remember lyrics. I have since upgraded to a smartphone for that purpose. Reality is, a first studio requires better equipment than that.

Some type of recording device is necessary. This can be a computer with recording software, minidisc recorder, multitrack cassette recorder, or a digital multitrack recorder. If any type of investment is made be sure you acquire equipment that can grow with your studio. Since computers are the heart of the recording industry it would be best to start with that.

I’ll mention DAW, although I already did in the previous paragraph. DAW is recording hardware and also recording software. If you have a computer with recording software installed, then you have a DAW.

Microphones are necessary for any studio. A microphone will input a pure quality sound. A quality mic will pick up any sound you here in your space so pick a time when your space will be quiet unless you can control the extra sounds. Mics only record sound. They do not add effects. Effects come from other sources not named in this article.

Headphones allow us to keep the room quite and we listen to what we are recording. That sound cannot be played through monitors because the mike will pick it up and that will cause feedback.

Cables are anything you would need to make a connection between hardware. For example, if you are using a mic you would need a mic cable. This would also be necessary for guitar, bass, and any other instrument you use. Any equipment you bring into your studio may need a cable. Make sure you have whatever is necessary to make the best use of it.

Keep in mind that your first studio will be the foundation for a larger studio. Some things can be pricy. Purchase what you need and plan to use it for a long time.

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